How We All Can Help Fight Covid-19 By 3d Printing Masks


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, surgical and N95 masks
are becoming increasingly harder to find. The maker community,
might provide a Plan C as stated in this article. One design has
gotten my attention for its simplicity and low cost. This design
has a 3d printed brace that is the frame for the mask. A
filtering material (2-4 ply cotton dish towel) can be put on the
face and the brace can be put over to act as a sufficient mask.
According to a Cambridge study done in 2013 shown in this blog,
2 ply dish towel is 97% effective at stopping viruses the size
of the novel coronavirus. This is as effective as a surgical
mask. The dish towel can be washed after every use, and anyone with a 3d printer can help make these masks. It takes only 16 minutes per mask, and due to the size of the maker community, we can mass produce these masks at almost any scale.


DIY SURGICAL QUALITY MASKS (1) is the link to our full instructions document.

If you are a hospital and need masks fill out this form.

If you are a maker with a 3d printer fill out this form.

Thank You!



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