Getting Started with IoT

Here are some resources to get your kid started.

Hardware Platforms

  • Arduino:
    • Arduino is one of the easiest platforms to get kids started on with electronics where they can try some programming to control LEDs, motors, sensors, relays and more.
    • If you want to get started with a kid friendly easy to use kit, check out the Arduino TinkerKit.
    • You can purchase basic Arduino kits on Amazon. There are also many variants/clones of Arduino available across the world. So check to see what works best for you locally.
    • Some interesting variants are Digispark, Spark and MicroView.
  • Raspberry Pi:
    • Once you’ve conquered the Arduino and want to move on to more complex projects, the Raspberry Pi is a good step up. Here is a good comparison of Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi if you are unable to decide.
  • Others:
    • There are simpler kits as well like Snapcircuits and Littlebits to get kids started with electronics without the coding.

3D Printing

Makerspaces or Hackerspaces for kids

  • After your kid gets interested and active on the above, you might want access to more advances tools, workspace and local community. The best way is to look for a local Makerspace or Hackerspace in your area. If none exists in your area then you might want to create one. These are some resources to get started:

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