Introducing the “O Watch” – A kids programmable Arduino smartwatch

The O Watch!

The O Watch is a ‘Precise Time Keeper’ :). Using a DS3231 Real-time-clock (RTC) module with a backup battery, it is able to keep time for years with high precision. This is made using Sparkfun Microview, RTC module and a LiPo battery and charger from Adafruit.

The Design Vision:


The first prototype:


The Smartstrap!



2 thoughts on “Introducing the “O Watch” – A kids programmable Arduino smartwatch

  1. The O Watch looks really interesting. Getting kids into programming when they are young is a really good idea.
    Kids learn a lot more faster than a grownup and we really need more hardware “hackers”, programmers and creative creators in our world.

    Continue with this idea and I hope to see it in Electronics Shops one day. Keep up this awesome work.

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