O Watch successfully funded on Kickstarter!

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O Watch Kickstarter successfully funded! 

O Watch is an Arduino based smartwatch kit for kids to get started with hands-on programming and 3D design. It comes with a complete set of components and easy-to-use instructions to create your own smartwatch. You can customize it by creating 3D printed watch cases and colorful straps using various band making techniques like paracording.

The O Watch kit comes in two variants:

Base watch kit: Arduino Zero based programmer board with integrated color OLED screen, LiPo battery, 3D printed watch-case and para-cord kit.

Smartwatch kit: Base watch kit plus sensor board with integrated 3 axis compass, temp, barometric pressure and humidity sensors.

O Watch Cases 3D Printing: O Watch cases can be 3D printed at home or via one of the several 3D printing services or maker-spaces convenient to your location. We are actively working on creating a 3D printing partner ecosystem for kids to easily customize and 3D print O Watch cases in a variety of colors and materials.

O Watch Kickstarter is successfully funded! Thank you to all the backers and supporters!

O Watch Interest List: If you missed the Kickstarter and would like an O Watch, please visit www.theowatch.com to order one for yourself.

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